Rules of Influence in Kumia

GM’s who plan to create a specific place to adventure multiple times should add the name to the List of Visited Locations. This list can be found pinned in the #gm-resources channel. If the area is populated the rules of influence will apply, and need to be maintained by the GM after each adventure.
   The first time visiting a location, the population's opinion of magic can begin anywhere on the scale that fits that location. Generally speaking magic is considered taboo everywhere. Travelers will need to conceal their use of magic, and their identities. Challenging situations where using skills and other abilities to remain anonymous should be common in populated areas.
   If the traveler's actions expose their magical abilities the population's attitude towards magic can change. If it is viewed as beneficial and appreciated their opinion of magic will increase one level. If the use of magic causes fear, is destructive, deadly, or otherwise viewed negatively their attitude will decrease one level. It is possible to have a population that remains indifferent to magic, or unaware that the travelers are using magic.
   If they are discovered they should never reveal the existence of Thistle Academy or the Isle of Luna. Students who are chosen to be travelers are sworn to take whatever actions are needed to protect the school, and other magic users. In these situations the GM is encouraged to remind players that the school's overall purpose is to restore faith in magic.