Patrols only reward gold pieces in the form of payment for services.
50% of the loot budget for an Expedition must be given in gold pieces or items that can be sold for GP.
Total GP Value of Loot
Expedition rewards should always be level appropriate for the tier of the adventure, and fit in with the theme.

Loot should contain:
D Consumable Items 
        - Elixirs, potions, scrolls, and talismans, gadgets and ammunition, etc.            
D Basic Permanent Items   
      - Basic weapons and armor, Relevant uncommon weapons 
      - Theme appropriate formulas and items 

Loot cannot contain:
Magic Weapons and Armor, Staves, and Runes 
Higher Level Formulas and Items
Any Disallowed Items
  Awarding XP
All adventures earn 250XP.​​​​​​​ This allows all players an equal chance to level their character, even with   limited time to play 
   Items cannot have GP or mechanical value. They must have a relevant narrative and fit within the theme of the adventure.

Hero Points
   Please award Hero Points for exceptional character-based interactions! These can be awarded during or at the end of the session. Only one Hero Point per player can be given out per adventure.

GM Rewards
   A GM will receive the same amount of loot value (in gold) as individual players receive. As well as 5 peppers to spend in Spicy's store. GM's will not receive experience points for running games. This is to ensure GM's will play games as well as run them.