When you are ready to submit your adventure for approval, open a ticket and tag @GameMaster
Please link the completed Game Planner sheet for your adventure in this ticket. In order give a complete 
overview of your adventure please include the skill DCs for non-combat encounters.

The Game planner sheet is available pinned in #gm-resources channel.
Using the Game Planner Form
  D Go to File in the top menu, and then make a copy to
           your own drive that you can edit.
  D Use the dropdown options to select the adventure type
           and APL (average party level)
  D Fill in the adventure name, as well as its general theme.
  D Include the story hook and any notes about the adventure
          that might be needed for approval.
  D List any loot that has a gold value.
  D Include the item's name, and how many of each will be
           available for players to claim.
  D When there are multiples of the same item, use the GP
           value of a single unit. The total GP value for however
           many items will be automatically calculated.
  D Include the Archives of Nethys link for each item.
  D At the bottom of the loot list, the gross amount of GP 
          will be automatically calculated based on APL and
          number of players.
  D The value of items added to the list will be deducted to
           show the net GP.
  D Any remaining GP is divided into the amount each
           player receives.
  D Each encounter (combat, social, skill) needs to be
          individually listed. This includes traps and things that
           have a challenge rating.
  D Please include any relevant information such as skill DCs.
  D List the type of creature, and how many will be
          encountered along with a link to it on Archives of Nethis.
Game listings
There is a template provided for game listings pinned in the #session-listings channel.
Encounters can be Moderate to Severe. The difficulty of the adventure and the estimated time it will take to complete must be included.
Choosing a Party
Players are chosen by the GM in order to ensure the party is balanced and appropriate for the APL of the adventure. Prospective players will post their PCs information in the thread attached to the game listing.If your adventure includes themes that some people may not be okay with, or are common phobias please ||Flag|| your listing.
Running a Session

Table Rules
  D The GM has the right to choose who does or does not
           sit at their table.
  D The GMs rulings are always final. Rules clarification
           should be done after the session.
  D The GM may ask a player to leave the game if their
           behavior is not appropriate.
  D ​​​​​​​Any concerns over players actions during a session 
           should be reported in a ticket to the GM Admin.

It's About the Players
Don't try to kill them, or make them hate you. Be the kind of GM that players want to sit at your table!
Adjustments to APL need to be calculated when submitting for approval. 
(+1 level and -1 level)

Change Request
To ensure the world we build together is cohesive, please work with the @Gamemaster in your ticket and make requested changes. This helps us nurture the meta plot, maintain the server tone, and invigorate the expansive world.