Thistle Academy is a living world RPG that has been created with both player and GM in mind. We offer a unique setting, the ability to return to locations, and create continuing story lines. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please ask in #gm-chat or in a ticket.
   Anyone who is interested in becoming a Game Master is welcome regardless of previous experience. You are part of a growing community of GMs that offer assistance to each other on every aspect of running a game from setting up your server to subsystem rules.

If you are interested in becoming a GM, 
make a ticket and tag #gamemaster
     Thistle Academy uses a ranked GM system to ensure high quality games and mentoring on the art of running sessions. The GM tag also has expectations to encourage good citizenship.
Game Apprentice
Everyone begins as a Game Apprentice. An outline will be submitted for approval to ensure that everything is level and thematically appropriate. Sessions will be attended by a Game Master for the purpose of coaching and helping with game mechanics if needed. An apprenticeship lasts for two months. To become eligible for advancement, there is a minimum of three sessions demonstrating comprehension of game mechanics, and the ability to provide a good experience for players. 

Game Journeyman
Advancement to Game Journeyman means, no longer needing a Game Master attending sessions. Outlines must still be submitted for approval.

Game Master
A Game Master has the ability to run sessions without needing to have prior approval. These individuals have proven themselves with consistency, and a solid understanding of game mechanics. Game Masters can choose to help with the outline approval process for journeymen and apprentices.
To encourage an active and vibrant GM community, we require that GMs run a patrol or expedition once every two weeks. If you are going on vacation or have a life event, just let us know in a ticket and we will pause this requirement!

Session summaries should be posted within 24 hours after the conclusion of the game. With continuing story lines, it is paramount that session summaries are posted in a timely manner so your players remember all of the incredible fun and world development you helped to create for them!

Must run RAW with no homebrew rules.​​​​​​​
Custom creatures and hazards can be created using the rules found on Archives of Nethys. RAW ensures all GMs are playing with the same rules to give consistent player expectations.

Flag any topic or subject warnings in your #session-listings using ||hidden||. This includes common phobias such as spiders or heavy RP topics. If you are unsure, feel free to make a ticket.​​​​​​​