All Patrols occur somewhere on the Isle of Luna. Adventure maps do not have to be specific to any location, but should fit within the available terrains. Weather should also be considered when choosing maps as It does not snow in July. Maps of generic towns and small harbors can be used to represent areas of Port Aurgur. 

The setting guide has information of several key areas of the island, and details about the town. This information will be updated as the story continues.

Please note that the eastern side of the Thistleborn Mountains is especially hazardous, and should be reserved for APL 11 or higher adventures.
Expeditions utilize the Dragon Gate to travel to other locations. Most game maps can be used to represent one of the cities or islands. Locations should remain vague without named locations or features unless directly taken from the setting guide.

If you would like to create a specific named location please make a ticket to discuss the details, and how it fits into the setting.

Keep in mind there must be a large sized doorway, hallway, or framed structure that can serve as a gate on the other end.

 Traveling into the places such as the hold of a ship out to sea is possible, as well as underwater locations where there is viable air to breath.