Adventures are mostly self-contained stories that take place in the setting of Kumia. Events that happen in an adventure, and the resulting consequences will not affect the overall meta story. It should have an effect on PC’s personal stories and carry over into roleplaying. 
Questions to consider when planning an adventure
   D  Do they know what is on the other side of the gate? 
                - How prepared should they be?
   D  What is the goal or motive of the adventure? 
                - Is it research and recovery or helping others?
   D  Is the objective related to a specific time period? 
                - Is it ancient history. post war time, or current events?
   D  Are they expected by a previous npc contact or ally? 
               - Were they invited, or should they remain anonymous? 
   D  Do they know what they are looking for, or going to do? 
                - Something specific, or  general taking a look around?
   D  If they are retrieving something is it protected? 
               - by traps, guards, or in a difficult location?

Community Service
Many people's lives could benefit from magic. Healing, producing food, and accomplishing otherwise difficult tasks using magic is a service students can perform for communities all over. Prejudice and distrust of magic is common, so often this service has to be done in secret.The hope is that one day this sentiment can be changed so that magic users will no longer need to be isolated and hidden.

Rescue and Retrieval
At the culmination of  the Mage Wars it was common practice to destroy anything that related to magic. Many brave individuals attempted to safeguard things such as spell books, scrolls, and magical items by hiding them. These caches of magical knowledge have survived and now have been located. Eager students with the necessary skills are sent into often hostile and treacherous areas to recover these hidden treasures.

There is an abundance of oral and written histories throughout the world that includes tales of magical knowledge that has been lost for centuries. Locating areas that are likely to contain magical artifacts is important for replenishing knowledge that has been lost. Excavating a site, and exploring ancient mysteries is an important part of being a student at Thistle Academy.